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Little Diker: Conserving water, soil, crops, and time since 2014.

LITTLE DIKER TM, ©, Patent No.US11206752B2

The little Diker ™ when attached to a JD Max, Monosem, or Milton planter provides effective protection for emerging plants and substantially reduces water erosion. Our versatility has also been demonstrated on cultivators, custom tool bars, and even a Lemkin grain drill.


Strong winds can erode soil and damage emerging crops. The pockets created by the Little DikerTM provide stability for young plants, increasing their sturdiness in high winds.


By creating small reservoirs of water throughout the field, the Little DikerTM prevents excessive drainage, keeping the water right where it is needed much longer than with traditional methods.


The Built in Boise, Idaho by American Craftsman, the Little Diker will not only help prevent wind & water erosion, but will also provide a substantial return on your investment for years to come!

Desert Sunset Ag originated from a grower’s need to control water and wind erosion in row crops. We’ve seen success in sugar beets, corn, onions, beans, potatoes, grain crops, and alfalfa.


Installation requires mounting a 2″x 2″ bar (which is ideal, but not required) for which we can provide mounting brackets.  Then simply mount each individual row unit to the bar with 2 industrial grade u-bolts and you are ready for the field

The unique mechanical design allows the Little Diker TM to attach and run independently without the use of hydraulics, springs or shields insuring a consistent, reliable planting job.

The Little Diker ™ was designed by farmers to meet the needs of farmers.

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