The little Diker ™ when attached to a JD Max, Monosem, or Milton planter provides effective protection for emerging plants and substantially reduces water erosion. Our versatility has also been demonstrated on cultivators, custom tool bars, and even a Lemkin grain drill.


The Little Diker can be mounted to most row crop planters, such as the JD Max or Monosem vacuum planters as well as Milton planters improving stand, emergence, and yield.

Milton Planter

Monosem Planter

JD Max Planter

Grain Drills

In order meet grower needs and customer requests, we have designed the Mini Diker which is shorter than the Little Diker and runs without S-tines. It can be seen here flat planting grain behind a Lemkin Grain Drill.

Cultivators & Toolbars

Both the Little Diker and Mini Diker can be utilized on most models of cultivators or custom toolbars but may require custom mounting options.

Little Dikers running on an Elmer’s Cultivator

Mini Dikers running on an Elmer’s Cultivator

Little Dikers with customized tractor green powder coating on a custom toolbar